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OAR, the Organization for Autism Research is a terrific resource for research information.  The OAR website, www.researchautism.org contains an introduction to the domain of autism research and provides tools for understanding, evaluating and applying research findings to your child’s autism. A good place to start is here.

Another excellent resource on the site is A Parent’s Guide to Research.

The following text was taken from its description:

“When parents are confronted with the shock of an autism diagnosis for their child, combined with the responsibility to try to make the right treatment choices as soon as possible, critical decisions become extremely difficult. And even well-intentioned but not fully informed people sometimes pursue unverified and possibly dangerous treatment alternatives based on unreliable information from web sites, hearsay, and the media.”

OAR addresses this situation through the creation of a basic primer on autism research for use as a reference by parents. A Parent’s Guide to Research includes a glossary of terms, an overview of scientific research, how to determine if a particular study may or may not be pertinent to a particular child, and questions to ask with respect to treatments, therapies, and other methodologies under consideration. The Guide is currently available as a publication as well as a downloadable document on this web site. OAR provides the Guide at no cost to parents and families affected by autism, that is, those who have a child diagnosed on the autism spectrum.” You may find the guide here.

The Road Less Traveled:  Charting A Clear Course for Autism Treatment
This guide discusses how to evaluate the many treatment options for autism.

Development of the Evaluative Method for Evaluating and Determining Evidence-Based Practices in Autism
Available here

The Association for Science in Autism Treatment (ASAT) promotes evidence based interventions based on sound scientific research, for people with autism.  In the section, Autism Treatments: Descriptions and Research Summaries, information is provided on:

Evidence-Based Practices & Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Available here.

RDI®: Effective Intervention or Effective Marketing? by Suzanne Letso, M.A., BCBA, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of the Connecticut

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